About Charles Kimmel

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I like to photograph wild animals. When I go to one of my regular spots, I generally have a five mile loop that I ride my bicycle around. I have my camera ready as soon as I can stop my bicycle. I start just before sunrise because that is the best time to catch animals like deer, raccoons, wild hogs and bobcats foraging for food.

During bird season, which begins in January, I just station myself near the edge of the Stick Marsh hoping and waiting that a Roseate Spoonbill will land. If one lands, it tends to give confidence to others to risk landing to forage for vines to add to their nest. The best shots are when the Spoonbills have found a vine and fly back to the mangrove where their nest is.

After the bird season ends in May, I track deer. In August, the mating season begins when I look for bucks. By August 15th most of the bucks have knocked off the velvet from their antlers. During the summer, the raccoons start having babies, but they don’t bring their babies out during the day until September. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

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